How I finally became pregnant after 8 grueling years

My husband and I married when I was 18, we started dating when I was 15. We decided we were grown up enough for a baby. God had other plans for us. We decided I would be a stay-at-home Mom and we would get pregnant quickly. We bought an Expedition and a cute starter home. After 1 year…I was offered a job in insurance so I took it because we were starting to struggle. I always had pain during my period, but it had always been swept under the rug when I would say something to the doctor, so I figured it was nothing, just normal pains. NOT SO.

Do not let a doctor sweep your thoughts or feelings under the rug. YOU know your body better than anyone else….including the medical profession. Yes, they have been trained in many things but only YOU know what you are feeling. After 3 years, we moved to Virginia for a job opportunity…not realizing the cost of living difference. We sunk! I mean short sale of our cute start home and eating off the dollar menu at McDonald’s because we couldn’t afford even our heat bill. For that entire year, I begged my husband to bring me back to Arkansas…at any cost.

October 2010, he got a call saying, “I heard y’all are trying to find your way back to Arkansas. I have an opportunity for you. It’s a $2 hour pay decrease but you will get overtime.” Done! No thinking about it. My boss at the time got aggravated and  are said, “Well you certainly putting all your eggs in one basket”. He was also Atheist. He didn’t have faith, like we did. It was the best decision we made in our lives!

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I started a job with an insurance agent that believed in God but also lived it! He preached it in our 10 minutes of power. I became top saleswoman within 2 months! I grew in my faith. I helped contribute to our financial support and take some stress off my husband. Life was good. Then I was recommended by a co-worker to visit her OB-GYN; who had successfully delivered her beautiful twins at 36 weeks term. Let me tell you, we do not meet anyone by accident! This Doctor took me seriously, shook her head the entire time I explained my situation and not getting pregnant. She had just met me and she looked me in the eye and said, “You have endometriosis.”

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She referred me to the specialist in Little Rock, a 75 year old 5 foot Guatemalan Man. What a gift he was! I was scared. I cried. He ran tests. A ton of tests…I mean blood work weekly for a year! None of the fertility drugs worked and he finally told me…”It is not meant to be, your AMH is too low, you do not have the egg reserve you should at 25. You have premature ovarian failure based on the bloodwork.” He recommended testing for endometriosis and an exploratory surgery. I was desperate. I consented. I awoke to being told, not only did I have endometriosis, I also have Poly-cystic Ovarian Syndrome. NOT WHAT I WANTED TO HEAR.

I refused to give up faith. He kept me on the Progesterone and Metformin (it helps women with PCOS ovulate). I decided to give God a chance to work his magic. I immediately stopped smoking, changed what I ate, and started walking. I ate high protein meals with veggies. Lowered my carb intake and started eating organic. 6 ounces of meat on a pile of lettuce or veggies. Good carbs only, so I stuck to sweet potatoes and brown rice.



Then I ran into what was called juicing. I started adding spinach to my breakfast shake, along with my vegan Orgain protein powder, which is around $25 or less on Amazon, and added fruit such as berries or a banana. I started running up to 4-5 miles a day. I wouldn’t take no for an answer. Finally I switched jobs because life had become too stressful and I had hit a depression. I took a month off. I was eating right, working out everyday, and I was happy. I loved waking up in the mornings again. 2 days before I started my new job, I got sick while doing my workout and I sat on the yoga ball and thought to myself, I wish I would just start so I felt better and then it hit me like a ton of bricks….I was late. I am never late, with my endometriosis, I am usually early, I usually have a 21-25 day cycle versus the 28 day cycle. I freaked and went straight to the store. It was positive! I may have taken 5 total tests to make sure I wasn’t going blind or losing my mind. By eating right, eliminating dairy, sugars, artificial sweeteners, adding a ton of veggies and fruits, and working out, I finally got pregnant!

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When you aren’t feeling well….look into your nutrition. Can’t get pregnant…yes you will probably need medical intervention like I did for my ovulation and progesterone, which is necessary to carry a baby, specifically through that 1st trimester. My doctor kept me on it until I was 16 weeks to be safe so I wouldn’t miscarry. Do not give up hope or faith. Follow your intuition, because let me tell you, it is NEVER wrong!

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2 thoughts on “How I finally became pregnant after 8 grueling years

  1. Congratulations what a nice story of your life!


    1. Thank you! I am certainly blessed! I dont know if I will ever be able to have another one but I am most certainly counting my blessings with this one ❤

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