New Moms: Please read! Products you will need:

My sister-in-law will be delivering a precious baby girl this month. November is BABY month! I can not express how excited I am to be an Aunt to a precious little girl. As a new Mom myself, I googled everything to see what products I would use. What would be a waste of money? Did I really need all of that stuff? So I have combined a list for new Mom’s and help you decide what you really will use.

1st: I will be honest here, many may think that making cloth diapers into burp cloths may be extreme. Crazy. I get it…but let me tell you, it was the best gift I received. You have no idea the amount of burp cloths you will use all the way up until at least 1 year old. These are cheap and super effective! cloth diaper


If you are not fond of the thought of using cloth diapers as burp cloths, then this is another great option! The Burt’s Bees Baby Burp Cloth is 100% Organic cotton and effective as well. Always carry 3 or more with you when you go somewhere.

burt bees burp cloth


2. You will highly appreciate a stoller/car seat combo. I used Chicco, the carseat just latched into the stroller, but it also just latched into the base in my car. It made my life so much easier. Life is tiresome, crazy, and just plain exhausting with a newborn. You will thank me later! I also recommend getting a second base for your spouses’ vehicle. It will save you so much time and effort.


You will NOT want to wake that baby transferring him/her to the stroller. You will want to cry, scream, and kick yourself in the tail when you wake that baby.



The extra base is just one click away:

carseat base


These will make your life so much easier.

3. Dr. Brown bottles are the best! My son never had an issue with Dr. Brown bottles, it was actually the only bottle he would take. Remember, there are different size nipples as they grow as well.

dr brown bottles


4. Get the Dr. Brown Bottle and nipple steamer. My son never got thrush with this sanitizer/steamer. Yes, I had a dishwasher, but that dishwasher has to get to a certain temperature. I didn’t trust it. This was my baby we were talking about. I didn’t trust just anything regarding his health. As a mother, you will want to protect that child with your life. I bought the plug in one below. There is a microwave one but this is so much more convenient and handy. It is so easy and fool proof. All you do it load it, fill the blue container with water and pour it in the bottom. It has a timer and goes off once everything is sterilized. This can help with bottles, pacifiers/binkies, bottle nipples…or anything will touch your precious babies mouth. dr brown sterizlizer


5. Another thing that you will love is the Dr. Brown bottle warmer. This will be great at midnight or 3 a.m. when you are stumbling around with a crying baby. This is safe and effective. Do NOT use the microwave to warm your babies milk. The microwave causes hot spots and does not thoroughly warm throughout. Microwaving the milk/breastmilk can burn your baby. This bottle warmer warms throughout the entire bottle and once it reaches a certain temperature, it goes off. What more can you ask for?dr brown bottle warmer


6. If you breastfeed, the best breastpump I used was the Medela Freestyle Double Breast pump. You will not have the time nor energy to pump one breast at a time. This is the entire kit, it is amazing! medela breast pump


7. This hands-free breast-pump bra allows you to pump hands-free, which allows you to play on your phone (if your sweet baby is sleeping), play or feed your baby all while you pump. Many times, I was feeding my son with his bottle while I pumped since he could never latch on. He would only take the bottle but it still allowed me to provide that precious breast-milk that will make them grow and flourish as God intended. If you have inverted nipple, prepare to use a bottle. There is no shame in it. God placed that baby in your arms for a reason, there is nothing wrong if you can’t physically breastfeed. I couldn’t and he is a strong-willed, healthy, beautiful, bright little boy.
medela bra
I hope you enjoyed this post. Baby Kate will be here soon so I am sure I will be adding other things that are much, much needed. 2015 wasn’t that long ago but there is much to be forgotten over 3 years. Thank you for reading and please look me up on Facebook, Tumblr, and Twitter: The Passionate Momma

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