Coupon Codes and More

As a college student working on her Masters Degree in Education, working part-time in the low functioning special ed room and picking up as many subbing hours in the afternoon as possible, and trying to make ends meet for my family, I use coupons as much as possible. I am all about getting the most bang for my buck! I mean, who isn’t? Doesn’t it seem it takes more and more just to make ends meet in today’s time? Y’all life is a struggle but struggling financially isn’t helpful either when you add on everything else you are juggling in life. Kids, work, cooking, house work, grocery shopping, paying bills, balancing the checkbook….you get it. It is CRAZY! Sometimes it seems impossible.

Due to the lack of time, I started using the Walmart Grocery Pickup using the Walmart Grocery App on my phone. The apps I am recommending are legit, I personally use these weekly! This app allows me to compare prices, find the cheapest price, shop without my child asking for everything in sight (YES, you know how this goes!), and simply trying to keep my sanity, I started using this app. It has been a life changer! You also get $10 off your first order with this code. Why not!?

Walmart $10 off your order

Another app that helps save money on everyday purchases is Ibotta. After you get to $20, they will send you the money! And it’s simple to use their app on your phone. I double up…I use this along with others that such as Check51. Like I said, I am all about getting the most bang for my buck.

Ibotta Discounts

Check51 allows you to scan your receipt and get cash back as well. I double this up with the Ibotta. I add the items I bought and scan in the receipt. Super easy. This app also allows you to scan in for generic items, such as any Milk, etc. I buy quite a bit of generic. Why would I buy the more expensive one, when I am getting the exact same thing? Exactly…that is what I thought too. You can also cash out per $20 you earn.

Check51 $5 off your purchase

TopCashBack is another on you can use! I also use it for my Walmart, Amazon, and other purchases. You can even get 10% back on purchases.

TopCashBack get up 10% back on purchases

Another website that can help get up to 40% off is BeFrugal. This also helps you get percentages back on your purchases. I always use coupons or an app like this with all my purchases. An extra $5, $10, $25 can add up quick and help put money back into your pocket for just your everyday purchases.

BeFrugal Savings

Lastly, I use Ebates often. I am a complete Amazon junkie. I do the majority of my shopping on my phone…yes, guilty. It’s so easy, sometimes too easy, which can make it hard to track all of your purchases without discipline. This is why I keep a checkbook like the good ole days, so I know exactly where I stand and don’t over do it….well….most of the time anyway. You don’t have to do anything here to redeem, it takes you right to the place you click to shop and mails you a check every 3 months. This allows me to deposit a check into my savings account every 3 months!

Ebates Save and Earn!

Enjoy your savings and extra cash in your pocket!

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