The Strong-willed child

Ever heard of the strong-willed child? Well, I was graciously blessed with one. As I mentioned before, it took 8 years to conceive this precious little strong-willed child. Let me tell you something, God has a sense of humor. He is hilarious. I think to myself often, God said, “You want a child…well here you go, I’ll give you a child alright “as He chuckles to himself because He is just that good at answering prayers. “Here is just what you asked for…and more!”

Oh, how my child is strong-willed, yet loving, kind, and charming. He has charisma but at times can be an absolute grizzly bear. He can be so loving and sweet, yet sometimes so bitter, it leaves a bad taste in your mouth. Yes, he may be a bit spoiled after being told we would never have a child. My thought…aren’t they all?! Aren’t all 3 year olds challenging and demanding? A slice of heaven and hell all in one? Who exactly defines the perfect child anyway? Society? Them…who is them exactly and do they really matter?

He did get his strong willfulness honestly from both of us, but sometimes I think he is a bit more strong-willed than us too. He has the personality type to make a strong, good leader….depending on how well I raise him. I pray often for guidance on raising this child because it’s easy to lose patience and grow weary. I’m sure all parents can relate to that. We all grow tired, especially in this day and time where the world is at your fingertips and so demanding. Kind of calling like calling the kettle black since I blog, but you get the gist.

The world never slows down, particularly as our technology grows. We can deliberately put the phone down and it will sound a notification every single time you start to enjoy yourself with your family. I love technology but it can also be the devil. It takes away from relationships. It also taking away those relationship-building skills our children so dearly need. Sometimes I believe it takes away from the adult relationship-building skills too….actually, I know it does.

Only we can take control of that though. Perhaps setting aside all technology for a family night or 1 hour each night? Sometimes I think our children are crying for attention because we are all glued to our phones…myself included sadly. Maybe that’s what we are missing…or rather…what our child is missing…us. They act up to get any kind of attention, including negative attention, if need be.

I think its time we take control of our lives again. Take control of not just our destinies, but also our children’s. It’s in our control who or WHAT we allow in our lives…I just think some of us have forgotten that. We also have the control to put limitations on those things. So be strong Momma, you’re the one that gets to decide and decide I hope you do. I pray for strength for you as you raise that precious strong-willed child. I know I need them because I love him more than anything in the world, but there are still times, I just want to run and hide under the covers for days. Prayers for you Momma, prayers you can hold strong and stand your ground. I know you can do it, for you can do whatever you put your mind to….including raising a leader, a kind gentleman or lady, and another person that refuses to be ordinary ❤


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